FarmVille 2 Cheats: Hack your neighbors’ farm

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Hey FarmVille 2 players!

This FarmVille 2 Cheat  is patched and not working any more. It was fun and exciting while it lasted. We will keep you posted as soon as we find another one so do not forget to like on our face book page by clicking here

Important Note:  It does not affect your FarmVille 2 neighbor’s farm as all actions are on a copy of Neighbors farm and not actual farm(Check out the working Video). You cannot move ‘Water Trough’ or Non-Prized animals in inventory.

For this FarmVille 2 cheat, FarmVille 2 players neither have to download any application nor to have basic knowledge and understanding about cheat engine. Sound interesting? All you need is little patience and practice and you can hack your neighbors’ farm to get Decorations (including items which are not available in the general store now), coins, XP, Prized animals water and crafting energy. It is not stealing as it does not affect your neighbors’ farm and it does not harm your neighbor’s progress in anyways.

Following is the step by step procedure which you can master in couple of tries:

  1. Visit your FarmVille 2 neighbor. I would prefer Higher XP level as there are better chances of getting decorations other items. You can even hack Marie and Water’s farm
  2. By default you can perform 5 actions in your neighbors Farm. Perform only 4 actions first.
  3. Perform next action by clicking something out in open and far from current position of your FarmVille 2 Avatar.
  4. If you watch carefully, you will notice that FarmVille 2 Avatar will pause for a split second just before performing the 5th action.
  5. Timing in the next step is the only catch in this FarmVille 2 Cheat.
  6. Just as he begins to PAUSE, PRESS THE ‘RETURN HOME’ BUTTON.
  7. If your timing is perfect, option to ‘RETURN HOME’ will get disable and your avatar will stay in your neighbors Farm.
  8. Now you are all set to enjoy the stay in neighbor’s farm. Right Click on any building to activate your Tool Options to sell or to put item in the inventory.
  9. Harvest and stock crops and trees to gain XP. Harvested crops and fruits will be available in your inventory for further use.
  10. You can tend Well and Furnace to refill stock of water and crafting energy.
  11. You can even get extra Chicken Coop and Goat Shelter for your FarmVille 2 Farm
  12. Since your ‘RETURN HOME’ button is disabled you have to refresh your Internet browser to return to your FarmVille 2 farm

Check out the video for demonstration of above FarmVille 2 Cheats



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93 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheats: Hack your neighbors’ farm”

  1. vick says:

    do not work

  2. Lopez says:

    after so many misses finally i got it now

  3. Juan says:

    Thanks this works great for me. Just have to get the timing down.

  4. Sandra says:

    OMG! This does work. Also, I was able to sell a neighbors prize chicken coop and now have two chicken coops on my farm.

  5. neuron says:

    its working cool

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it DOES work…just all in the TIMING ;)

  7. Theodor says:

    From me its work,so thank you!And yes,timing is important!

  8. Candy says:

    It DOES work, just all in the timing ;)

  9. Robin says:

    mmmuuaah I love you guys…keep up the good work

  10. Kas says:

    it works many misses but i got twice , i feels bad for my neighboor :( whats happening when i took something from then , also the can figure out was me and punish us ?

  11. Kas says:

    i just read again , and now i’m happy for not mess with another one , thanks :)))

  12. Jini says:

    Kas, they can not figure out as it does not affect their farm at all, check the Video. Infact you can visit your neighbors farm again to confirm it

  13. BERTU says:

    it’s awsome keep it up

  14. Travis says:

    Can you hack neighbors farms everyday? I got it to work yesterday and have not been able to get it to work today

  15. Travis says:

    How many times can you hack into farms. Is this a one time thing

  16. Jini says:

    you can hack whenever you can do 5 sets of action in your neighbors farm

  17. rhonda says:

    it does not work

  18. sandra says:

    It is working…all you have to practice is timing

  19. rhonda says:

    doers it work on zygna farmville2 neighbors.

  20. sandeep says:

    it did work!!! nice work guys!!! keep it going !!!

  21. chrissy says:

    got it to work but why wont it allow me to take wells or troughs?

  22. Steve says:

    You can not take well but you can harvest neighbors well for water

  23. ralph says:

    how activate the tools

  24. caitlin says:

    cant wait to try it!

  25. steve says:

    Right click on a building to activate tools

  26. kirsten says:

    I cant get it to work ive tried many times.. Any tips on how to do it?

  27. shane says:

    timing is so important half way near plot to plot then click back home if fail go back an try again you will get the hang of it. it is worth the trouble to work it out great hack

  28. marlotte says:

    it doesn’t work !

  29. wendy daubert says:

    Didnt work for me my avatar went home

  30. Steve says:

    You just have to be patient and keep practicing on timing to reach perfection…dont loose heart and try again

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