FarmVille 2 Cheats for Spring Bake Sale Table

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Hey Mates,

FarmVille 2 players already have awesome experience of Spring Rain in FarmVille 2. To continue the excitement, FarmVille 2 is going to give an opportunity to players to win rewards which include FarmVille 2 Baby Bottles, Speed Grow and lot more. Players will get complete set rare items which can be redeemd for exclusive FarmVIlle 2 animlas.It is time for spring bake sale; Bake pastries, Tarts and cakes; invite your FarmVille 2 friends to trade for baked goods and receive gifts and presents from your guests and after successful completion of each sale, You will also win rewards from FarmVille 2.

Moreover for the first time FarmVille 2 is going to give choice for players to buy a ready-build PREMIUM bake sale table. Not only this, players can buy up to two or more bake sale table or a super bake sale table for more rewards. So the more bake sale table you have, the more gifts they will bring. You can buy more bake sale tables in the general store but we are still not sure if it costs in farm coins or farm bucks. Following are the FarmVille 2 cheat codes to get Bake Table and Premium Bake Table. We are also providing FarmVille 2 cheats to collect items required to build Bake Table so you are ready when Bake table is release in FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 Cheats for Bake Sale Table:


Change Value to String

Scan For: e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo)

Change to: e_building_bakesaletable_l1

FarmVille 2 Cheats for Premium Bake Sale Table:


Change Value to String

Scan For: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_yellow (Sky Blossom Kite)

Change to: e_building_bakesaletablepremium_l1

Below are farmville 2 cheats for items requiring building Bake Table:


Farmville 2 cheat for Chalk


Change Value to String

Scan For: e_deco_ropes_flowering (Hope Rope)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_chalk

Farmville 2 cheats for Chalkboard Paint


Change Value to String

Scan For: e_rare_crafted_cookies_sunflower (Sunflower Cookies)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_chalkboardpaint

Farmville 2 cheat for Doily


Change Value to String

Scan For: e_deco_ropes_flowering (Hope Rope)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_doily

Players must prepare itmes for Bake sale before calling farmville 2 friends to earn rewards

farmville-2-cheats-bake-sale step 1.png

You need to Finish 5 Bake Sale to get exclusive bake sale sign board as final reward on a bake sale Table.


Farmville 2 cheat for Sale Sign Board


Change Value to String

Scan For: e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)

Change to: e_deco_bakesale_sign_generic

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13 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheats for Spring Bake Sale Table”

  1. lisa tuck says:

    can we please get more building for prize aniamals i have more prize in inventory than i can keep on my farm, horses,cows,pigs,and peacocks. turkeys.also can we up the gifts we can except. after i collect what i need i try to help friends but then i get to many gifts accetped and more bottles in inventorty

  2. Junnu says:

    IS there any cheats for obtaining multiple prized chicken coop?????

  3. koki says:

    is there any cheats to make spinning wheel function??

  4. JAnthoni says:

    Tnx its works ^_^

  5. swarn says:

    hey some help out there… can you please explain the process

  6. Kathryn says:

    That picture is way off on numbers. I needed 13 lemonade and 9 each scones and cupcakes.

  7. d says:

    how can I get pig fence, please?

  8. yo says:

    is cheats for multiple prized chicken coop and more for prized sheep . you want?

  9. donik says:

    can you tell me how did you do this? can you explain the process please :)?

  10. Anonymous says:

    @ lisa tuck
    You can sell youre prize animals some bring some good cash

  11. K. Hendriks says:

    What do I need for the third cake baking quest??

  12. Kei says:

    Is there a cheat to get a lot of flour? I know how to use cheat engine but I cant figure out what code to replace e_recipe_flour with, so far nothing is working.

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