farmville 2 cheats for New limited edition items in General Store

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farmville 2 cheats for New limited edition items
farmville 2 cheats for New limited edition items in General Store - Howdy Farmers brings you update about new limited edition items are available in the General Store! Check out the details below.

New Limited Edition Trees (Unlocks – Level 7)

Honey Mesquite Tree – 11 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Honey Mesquite Tree – 20 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Sweetheart Country Cherry Tree – 22 Farm Bucks
Sweetheart Country Cherry Tree – 13 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Dove Tree – 21 Farm Bucks
Dove Tree 12 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals (Unlocks – Level 6):

Baby Bentheim Black Pied Pig – 28 Farm Bucks
Girolando Cow – 43 Farm Bucks
Bentheim Black Pied Pig – 41 Farm Bucks
Baby Girolando Cow – 30 Farm Bucks
Brown Garganica Goat – 38 Farm Bucks
Cotton Patch Goose – 41 Farm Bucks
Baby Brown Garganica Goat – 21 Farm Bucks
Baby Cotton Patch Goose – 28 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:

Banana Passion Fruit – 48 Coins

New Limited Edition Recipes:

Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie
Banana Passion Fruit Ice Cream
Dove Flower Tote Bag
Banana Passion Fruit Pie
Dove Flower Bookmark
Sweetheart Country Cherry Pie
Banana Passion Fruit Yogurt
Honey Mesquite Molasses
Dove Wreath

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