Farmville 2 Cheats : FarmVille 2 Freebies Get your 10 X free Water

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Hey Farmers,

This FarmVille 2 Freebies is available for very short time so collect it before it expires and share it with fellow FarmVille 2 players so they can also benefit from it. Click the link at the end of this post to collect your Farmville 2 Freebies of 10 X water for your farm

FarmVille 2 News: Zynga cares to make this game better

What we like about FarmVille 2 Studios and developers , unlike other games FarmVille 2 Studio act upon users suggestions and complaints. They listen to complaints and act on it continuously to make this game better and better. That is definitely a good news for all FV2 user community. Here is one example where they acted upon a users suggestion. After lots of complaints from FarmVille 2 players, FarmVille 2 Studio has increased the limit of Sheep Shack from 9/6 to 12 for all. Isn’t it great news, Now farmVille 2 players have greater chance to get Golden Fleece. We mentioned this in one our post before but felt that it’s worth mentioning again that Zynga and FarmVille 2 Studios is getting better at incorporating users suggestion to make this game awesome for all of us : )

If you are short of prized sheep an want them immediately you can check out FarmVille 2 Cheats code to get prized sheep by clicking here

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Click here to collect 10 X Free water

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