Farmville 2 cheats : Farmville 2 cheats For Animals and Trees (Updated)

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Farmville 2 cheats

Farmville 2 cheats For Animals and Trees

All these Farmville 2 cheats requires some basic knowledge and understanding about cheat engine, If you are not a tech savvy gamer who understand how cheat engine works and how basic game messaging works then please do not try these instructions and don’t be sad as we will be posting more user friendly free cheats and hacks soon for every body to use so that all our users can dominate the game without being ever scammed again. No survey to fill and no paid string attached to our free hacks and cheat list. Don’t forget to like our facebook page on top right hand corner to keep getting latest updates.

Before started using any of these Farmville 2 cheats codes below, first download free cheat engine from this URL Basicall cheat engine will help you to see game messaging in real time which you can modify to make these farmville 2 cheats works

Step 1 : First Load your game and then place the deco you want to change on your farm
where you want and how many you want

Step 2 : Now open CE and then open your flashplayer plugin
now look for Value Type: STRING/TEXT

Step 3 : Scan the deco code which you placed on farm
Drop all results down and select all
Right click, Change Record > Value
Change Value to animal/tree code which you need then click ok.

Step 4 : Go to farm and store the deco into your inventory then
Wait for a minute and refresh farm

Now you have the items you wanted inside your inventory.

Here is the list of cheat codes for animals and tress which you can get using free cheat engine..Enjoy:)


# e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite)->> e_animal_adult_deer_reindeerwhite
# e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo) ->> e_animal_baby_deer_reindeer


# e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_baby_turkey_spanishblack
# e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_adult_turkey_royalpalm
# e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_adult_turkey_easternwild
# e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_baby_turkey_bourbonred

# e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_adult_cow_beltedgalloway
# e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo) >> e_animal_adult_cow_highland
# e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo) >> e_animal_baby_cow_simmental
# e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo) >> e_animal_adult_cow_guernsey
# e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo) >> e_animal_adult_cow_chianina   #e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_animal_baby_cow_chianina
#e_deco_animated_swing_tire (Tire Swing) >> e_animal_adult_cow_randall
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_animal_baby_cow_randall
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_animal_adult_cow_dexter
#e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack (Red Adirondack) >> e_animal_adult_cow_hereford
#e_deco_animated_lamppost (Country Lamppost) >> e_animal_adult_cow_devon
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying (Flying Wind Yoke) >> e_animal_adult_cow_ayrshire
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_animal_baby_cow_ayrshire
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying (Flying Wind Yoke) >> e_animal_adult_cow_holstein
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_animal_baby_cow_holstein
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_adult_cow_chickencostume


# e_deco_animated_newyear_fwork1_turquoise (Cypress Rocket)->> e_animal_baby_peafowl_silverpiedspalding.
# e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox) ->>  e_animal_baby_peafowl_indianpeacock.


#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_baby_goat_lamanchadark
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_adult_goat_pygoracaramel
#e_deco_wagonwheel_planted (Pioneer Wagon Wheel) >> e_animal_adult_goat_pygmy
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_adult_goat_nubianblack
#e_deco_animated_windchime_sun (Wind Chime) >> e_animal_baby_goat_alpineibex
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_animal_adult_goat_alpine
#e_deco_animated_lamppost (Country Lamppost) >> e_animal_adult_goat_boer
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_animal_adult_goat_mountain
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_animal_adult_goat_lamancha
#e_deco_animated_lamppost (Country Lamppost) >> e_animal_adult_goat_ibex
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_animal_baby_goat_angora
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_animal_adult_goat_angora
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_baby_goat_mummycostume
#e_deco_animated_swing_tire (Tire Swing) >> e_animal_adult_goat_pygora
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_animal_baby_goat_pygora

#e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Blue Flag) >> e_animal_adult_chicken_denizli
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)>>e_animal_baby_chicken_silkie
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)>>e_animal_adult_chicken_brown
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)>>e_animal_adult_chicken_black
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox)>>e_animal_adult_chicken_leghornblack
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox)>>e_animal_adult_chicken_plymouthrock
#e_deco_animated_newyear_fwork1_purple (Mysterio Firework Rock) >> #e_animal_adult_chicken_speckledsussex
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox)>>e_animal_baby_chicken_piratecostume

#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic ( (Horseshoe Pit))>>e_animal_adult_horse_anadolu
#e_deco_wagonwheel_planted (Pioneer Wagon Wheel)>>e_animal_baby_horse_shire
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite)>>e_animal_adult_horse_thoroughbred
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox)>>e_animal_baby_horse_whiteclydesdale
#e_deco_animated_newyear_fwork1_purple (Mysterio Firework Rock) >> #e_animal_adult_horse_large_clydesdale
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Wine Bottle Spread) >> e_animal_adult_horse_gypsy
#e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Blue Flag) >> e_animal_adult_horse_dalespony
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox) >> e_animal_adult_horse_vampirecostume

#e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Blue Flag) >> e_animal_baby_sheep_redkaraman
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_adult_sheep_manxloaghtan
#e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack (Red Adirondack) >> e_animal_adult_sheep_daglic
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_baby_sheep_himalayanblue
#e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack (Red Adirondack) >> e_animal_baby_sheep_cheviot
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_animal_baby_sheep_portland
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_animal_adult_sheep_jacob
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_qtlg1 (BlossumBox) >> #e_animal_baby_sheep_blackwelshmountain
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_animal_adult_sheep_lincoln
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_adult_sheep_pandacostume
#e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq (Blossumbox) >> e_animal_baby_sheep_valaisblacknose

#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_animal_baby_rabbit_flemish_blue
#e_deco_animated_dinnerbell_generic (Dinnerbell) >> e_animal_adult_rabbit_snowshoehare
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_baby_rabbit_chinchilla
#e_deco_wagonwheel_planted (Pioneer Wagon Wheel) >> e_animal_adult_rabbit_witchcostume
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red (Crimson Sighs Kite) >> e_animal_adult_rabbit_sealpoint
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_animal_baby_rabbit_flemish

#e_deco_bucket_wood (Budget Bucket) >> e_tree_fruit_ackee
#e_deco_table_picnic (Picnic Table) >> e_tree_fruit_joshua
#e_deco_bucket_wood (Budget Bucket) >> e_tree_fruit_pinon
#e_deco_barrel_flower (Flower Barrel) >> e_tree_wood_magnolia
#e_deco_saltlick_generic (Salt Lick) >> e_tree_fruit_elderberry
#e_deco_bbq_bonfire_stone (Summer Bonfire) >> e_tree_fruit_yew_english
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_tree_fruit_pear_callery
#e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack (Red Adirondack) >> e_tree_fruit_apple_fireside
#e_tree_fruit_tangerine >> e_deco_sign_crossroads (Crossroads Sign)
#e_deco_winterhol_solstice_statue (Winter Solstice Statue) >> e_tree_fruit_beech_weepingpurple
#e_deco_winterhol_solstice_statue (Winter Solstice Statue) >> e_tree_wood_willow_goldenweeping
#e_deco_bbq_bonfire_stone (Summer Bonfire) >> e_tree_fruit_winterberry
#e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo) >> e_tree_fruit_chestnut_sweet
#e_deco_sign_crossroads (Crossroads Sign) >> e_tree_fruit_persimmon
#e_deco_butterchurn_wood (Butterchurn) >> e_tree_fruit_apple_crab
#e_deco_animated_lamppost (Country Lamppost) >> e_tree_fruit_maple_sugar
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_tree_fruit_orange_blood
#e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread) >> e_tree_wood_willow_generic
#e_deco_sign_crossroads (Crossroads Sign) >> e_tree_fruit_plum_wild
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_tree_fruit_oak_northernred
#e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block) >> e_tree_fruit_mulberry_red
#e_deco_birdhouse_wood (Budget Birdhouse) >> e_tree_fruit_cinnamon
#e_deco_bucket_wood (Budget Bucket) >> e_tree_fruit_hazel
#e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit) >> e_tree_fruit_douglasfir_snow
#e_deco_barrel_flower (Flower Barrel) >> e_tree_fruit_avocado
#e_deco_animated_lamppost (Country Lamppost) >> e_tree_fruit_pomegranate
e_deco_butterchurn_wood (Butter Churn) >> e_tree_fruit_pine_swiss
#e_deco_animated_windchime_sun (Wind Chime) >> e_tree_fruit_apricot_briancon
#e_deco_sign_crossroads (Crossroads Sign) >> e_tree_fruit_sassafras
#e_deco_table_picnic (Picnic Table) >> e_tree_fruit_cashew
#e_deco_woodpile_log (Pile of Logs) >> e_tree_fruit_pawpaw
#e_deco_fence_dilapidated (Old Wooden Fence) >> e_tree_fruit_honeylocust
#e_deco_birdhouse_wood (Budget Birdhouse) >> e_tree_fruit_mandarin
#e_deco_wagonwheel_planted (Pioneer Wagon Wheel) >> e_tree_fruit_plum_chinese
#e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Blue Flag) >> e_tree_fruit_camellia_japonica
#e_deco_woodpile_log (Pile of Logs) >> e_tree_fruit_almond
#e_deco_birdhouse_wood (Budget Birdhouse) >> e_tree_fruit_camellia
#e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite) >> e_tree_fruit_beautyberry_american
#e_deco_sign_crossroads (Crossroads Sign) >> e_tree_fruit_pistachio
#e_deco_shrub_round (Scrubby Shrub) >> e_tree_fruit_carob
#e_deco_woodpile_log (Pile of Logs) >> e_tree_fruit_jujube
#e_deco_shrub_round (Scrubby Shrub) >> e_tree_wood_linden

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    e_animal_baby_peafowl_bufordbronze >> e_deco_animated_dinnerbell_generic

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