FarmVille 2 Cheats : Farmville 2 Secret Released on How to Use CHEATS Smartly

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Hey Mates,

The recent suspension drive of farmville 2 is driving many farmville 2 players crazy. In fact we have come across lot of farmville 2 players who never ever used any cheats or game glitch to take advantage and still have their account suspended for one day. Well it is definitely harsh and unfair to get players frustrated. This all started happening after “County Fair” updates where Zynga seems to be trying too hard to level the playing field for all players for Weekly County Fair Contests. We tried to dig deep into this by talking to our use community and doing regression testing on our side to still make game enjoyable for every body and we come to a conclusion that what maters to farmville 2 studio right now is how you play farmville 2 naturally and progress in the game at moderate pace so that other players don’t feel at disadvantage and quit playing the game by seeing players advancing at unnatural phase so bottom line is that you can still use farmville 2 cheats to take advantage when and as you need but use them smartly instead of over using it or using it briskly at unnatural game pace which will get you exposed. We already tested this approach with quite a few test accounts and with some of our users as well to make sure it works before recommending to our community.

By using cheats smartly and wisely you can even win ‘Farm of the Week Title’ from Zynga itself.  As you can see from the image of farm from one of our users at the beginning of the post, this was chosen as Farm of the Week Winner on 2/1/13. Though player of this farm has used cheat as you can see it clearly in the image(more than 5 silos used)  but still Zynga seems to likes it very much to give the user this Title.

So main conclusion is that Zynga only observes your gaming behavior and try to restrict players from exploiting or abusing their game by over using any trainer/cheats or any other gaming Glitch to discourage other players to leveling playing field to keep every body interested in the game.

Also we recently did complete post on how to use settings to your advantage for makeing your gaming behavior undetectable players can change the settings in facebook which are given in this post. These settings are tested on many accounts before recommending to our user community  To know more about these settings click here

 At the end we can’t stress to all our fellow farmers to maintain the natural pace of your game even when you are using cheats or any glitches like avoid complete expansion of your Farmland in one go. Also try avoid things like not to have too many long groves and avoid filling your stock with Prize Shovel etc if you will follow our recommended settings and moderate pace in the game then we are sure that you can still enjoy and play the game by taking advantage of all our tricks and tips as before

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