FarmVille 2 Cheats: Codes for Rabbit Warren

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Hey Mates,

For very long FarmVille 2players were demanding for more expansion of land and provision of more Farmville 2 animals. Once again FarmVille 2 studio has proved that they do care about wishes of FarmVille 2 players. It is now evident that both wishes are going to come true as very soon 4 farmlands will be available for expansion. Where in one Farmland will also unlock another Water trough for players. Not only is this, just like Prized Chicken Coop, Goat Shelter and Sheep Shack, FarmVille 2 going to release Rabbit Warren very soon. Players can store 12 prized Rabbits in Rabbit Warren and feed them every 18 hour to get Fine Rabbit Wool and rare Golden Fleece. Following are the FarmVille 2 Cheats Codes for Rabbit Warren and items require building Rabbit Warren. Very soon we will be releasing FarmVille 2 Cheat codes for prized animals also so that you can fill your Rabbit Warren with Prized Rabbits

FarmVille 2 Cheats codes for Rabbit Warren



Change Value to String

Scan for: e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Wine Bottle Spread)

Change to: e_building_rabbitwarren_l1

If you wish to remove building just reverse the code

Following are the building material needed to complete Rabbit Warren



FarmVille 2 cheat codes for Blue Paint



Change Value to String

Scan for: e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_paint_blue

farmville 2 cheats codes for Rabbit Bedding


Change Value to String

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_wool_fabric_blue (Blue Wool Bolt)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_bedding_rabbit

FarmVille 2 Cheats codes for Rabbit Trough


Change Value to String

Scan for:  e_rare_crafted_bag_strawberry (Strawberry Scented Bag)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_rabbittrough

You can get Under Construction Rabbit Warren by following FarmVille 2 Cheats Codes

Change Value to String

Scan for:  e_deco_wanderingpig_wheelbarrow_gnome_a (Gnomerwagon)

Change to: e_building_rabbitwarren_construction_l1

Following are farmville 2 cheat for decorations you can use to make your Rabbit Warren more realistic in look

Change Value to String

Scan for:  e_deco_woodpile_log


Change to: e_deco_rabbithole_a


Change to: e_deco_rabbithole_b


Change to:  e_deco_rabbithole_c


 Change to: e_deco_rabbithole_d

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21 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheats: Codes for Rabbit Warren”

  1. LYNDA says:


  2. Cortney says:

    I dont know how to do it either never works for me

  3. Dub says:

    worked great I had 10 rabbits in storage just waiting for this

  4. fio says:

    nice… love it :)

  5. myriam says:

    i have the dutch version, it never works!

  6. Im Just says:

    Here to say hI1

  7. Im Just says:

    Here to say hi sup dudes

  8. rose says:

    dutch version? ….. u use dutch langguage? u can chance it… just click a little globe then chance the langguage…

  9. Mary says:

    when will the warren rabbit be released

  10. Darinka says:

    you need a program called CheatEngine. i always use the codes through facebook it doesnt work through zynga.
    anyways once you get cheatengine youll see a little computer with a magnifier glass click on that (process) and select the 2nd flash player plugin if youre on firefox. go back to farmville 2.

    on cheat engine youll see value type … set it to string.
    so well do blue paint.
    go on your farm and get the flamingo and set it on your farm just leavve it there.
    go back to cheat engine and type on text box: e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic
    click on first scan
    then a whole bunch of stuff should appear on the box on the left. if you dont see anything you have to re scan or re type and re scan
    you want to select all that writing and click on the red arrow and it will bring all that writing to the bottom box
    i usually click on the shift bottom and select all the writing ont he bottom box and right click go to change record and a box will appear and you change the value to e_rare_buildable_paint_blue hit ok and go back to your farm . put the flamingo in your inventory reload the page and go back into invenory and the blue paint should be there.

    so if you need 7/10 paint. you put 3 flamingos on your farm to mae it easier.

    this takes alot of practice. i hope i helped. when i first started no one helped me but i figured it out.

  11. darinka says:


  12. Mary says:

    thank you

  13. Maya says:

    Hey do u know how to remove animal…i have 2 gypsy horse without name n=and cant sell,move,and put to inventory….i have to remove them but dunno how….can you help me

  14. Jini says:

    Do not worry this issue is known to zynga (Gypsy and Mushtang)and will be resolved very you can have active horses.if not let us know in couple of days and we will provide you alternate codes

  15. Tabur says:

    The build of the Rabbit can not. I will be the name displayed but not the building itself, and if I want to place is the garden gnome

    some thing wrong with the code

  16. Sherry says:

    How do you get the seeds for the Dragon Carrots?

  17. JUNNU says:


  18. shaheen says:

    i dont know how to comment in the commenter of the week so tell zynga to give more expansions please

  19. vanvan says:

    same to me…I have 3 gypsy horse without a name and I can’t move or sell. Is there any code to remove it..

  20. Mario says:

    to remove the rabbit warren does not work when i reverse the code

  21. Mario says:

    to remove the rabbit warren does not work when i reverse the code. what do i do wrong?

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