FarmVille 2 Cheats Codes for County Fair bonus Crops

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Hey Mates,

Less than few hours are left for first FarmVille 2 county fair and we are sure most players are as excited as we are. For the first time, players will have the opportunity to meet neighbors in FarmVille 2 and see their progress. Not only this, players will have a chance to share podium with fellow players and win medals and I am sure every one wishes to win medals. It is not easy as you must have maximum bonus points of any crop to win gold. Following are the farmville 2 cheats codes to reach maximum bonus points of any crop in no time. For ease we have also included the video for farmville 2 players to understand and follow this farmville 2 cheat.

You need to harvest any crop thrice to get advantage of these farmville 2 cheats codes. Following are the steps to follow using farmville 2 cheat engine:

  1. Open cheat engine and attach it to the process.
  2. Look for the current bonus point of crop. If there is none, you need to harvest crop till you have bonus point listed in ‘My Prized Crops’.
  3. Choose Value type to ‘4 bytes’ and ‘New Scan’ for the bonus points of the crop.
  4. Harvest the crop again using fertilizer and Speed Grow to get another Bonus Point of the Crop.
  5. Insert the new Bonus Points in ‘Value’ in Cheat Engine, but instead of ‘New Scan’, Choose ‘Next Scan’.
  6. Your search will bring down addresses to 1 or 2
  7. Select addresses and change Value you want to achieve to be on TOP among your neighbors.
  8. Harvest the crop again and check your Bonus Points to rise as per your desire.
  9. Continue to earn bonus points for another crop.

Get FarmVille 2 Cheats Codes for Speed Grow and Fertilizer, if you are short of FarmVille 2 Speed Grow or Fertilizer.

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21 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheats Codes for County Fair bonus Crops”

  1. Noob says:

    it’s not working, dude..

  2. andy says:

    great guys ….It is working….please also mention in the post that it will change your overall standing once you restart the game after a while

  3. Bompa says:

    still no country fair for my. al my neighbours are playing it for the 2e round.
    how do i get the country fair?

  4. kimo says:

    Love the game,but i wish it was done more on you’r own Merritt instead of relying on neighbors.I need animals that have max fertilizer out put. And all of the sudden because it’s county fair time i can’t get barely any baby bottles so i can make them adults to get the fertilizer..Use to get more bottles than i knew what to do with…Just wish you didn’t have to rely on you’r neighbors as much…they are not shareing bottles because they want to be the champion at the fair..There for they wan’t to make you buy them…Not i….

  5. VIOREL says:

    prized crops bonus is no more displayed unless you have 50pt for first planting! so this is no available!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    but then can we not use it after gaining 50 points

  7. Mary says:

    I have neighbors with over 1 million points how do we compete or do this

  8. Mary says:

    what are the chanced of a trainer to get points in the fair

  9. teena says:

    I dont have a no credt card what can I do I want it please

  10. Jini says:

    Cheat engine is free and you can get it for free, just follow these steps once you download cheat engine..

  11. Anonymous says:

    i agree with you

  12. virginia says:

    i’m sure you are told about bug involving county fair. qi was the first 2 weeks ago but after the bug they did’nt give my medal…so now it’s working but i have not medal and other players are already to third level of medal. no chance to reach them cause medal is every week for all. now: have you a cheat for gain immediatly the medal without waiting the end of the week? thanks

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. FEJS says:

    Hey i have one problem, i hacked by mistake on my farm Country fair van with code e_county_fair_truck , but i remove it with code e_deco_woodpile_log, track disaper, but everytime, when I want to go to celebrate my medaile, game crash, someone help me ?

  15. kATE says:

    i cant get the video to download? And, i want to know the steps to get unlimited farm bucks.

  16. KARAN says:


  17. nanny says:

    where you can pull down your cheat engine and it works, help

  18. nanny says:

    where you can pull down your cheat engine and it works, help

  19. vandy says:

    how do i get speed grow through cheat engine pls reply

  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s great!

  21.'s Fan says:

    it’s not working….
    game crashes while using cheat engine (version 6.3
    please help me out…..

farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

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