Farmville 2 cheats: Bypass FarmVille 2 Suspension

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Hey Mates,

FarmVille 2 is on a drive to temporarily suspend players from playing FarmVille 2 game. Funny fact about FarmVille 2 suspension rampage is that they are also suspending players who never ever opted to take advantage of any farmville 2 hack or glitch. Though we have posted article on how to use FarmVille 2 cheats safely but now we are providing FarmVille 2 cheats to bypass FarmVille 2 suspension. This is the easiest way to bypass the suspension and players can play FarmVille 2 normally even in duration of suspension. Players do not need to use any third party software like FarmVille 2 cheat engine to bypass FarmVille 2 suspension. Following is the details of FarmVille 2 cheat to bypass FarmVille 2 suspension along with Video tutorial to understand it.

IMPORTANT: Players will need to use Mozilla Firefox to use this FarmVille 2 cheat.

Follow the below process to bypass FarmVille 2 suspension.

1.       Open FarmVille 2 in Mozilla Firefox.

2.       Right click on screen or frame displaying the suspension message. Click ‘This Frame’ and then ‘Show only this Frame’


3.       Look and find ‘banned.php?s=SUSPENDED’ in the web address bar of Mozilla Firefox.

4.       Replace it with ‘flash.php?isOuterIframe=1’  and click on ‘Go the address’ or press ‘Enter’. Bingo you are in FarmVille 2 game. But you need to follow the same steps until your suspension is over. Do not worry, below is the simple solution.

(Update: 22 August, 2013:  As Zynga is trying to patch it, if you are unable to find the above address mentioned in Point 3 search for alternate address ‘‘, and replace it with ‘’ )

5.       To avoid following the above steps in future, Bookmark the current web address. Next time whenever you see the Screen of FarmVille 2 Suspension, just click on the bookmark to bypass the FarmVille 2 suspension.

You can check out following video tutorial to understand FarmVille 2 cheat to bypass FarmVille 2 suspension more clearly.

Now you do not need to use FarmVille 2 cheat engine or Charles to bypass the FarmVille 2 suspension. You can play normally but we suggest not buying any FarmVille 2 animals or decorations using FarmVille 2 bucks during period of FarmVille 2 suspension.

Note: Kindly note that players cannot accept any item from wall while they are in suspension. We are working on it and will let our fellow FarmVille 2 players know as soon as we find any solution to it.

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82 Responses to “Farmville 2 cheats: Bypass FarmVille 2 Suspension”

  1. s says:

    tried, not working…

  2. admin says:

    At which step you are facing problem?

  3. Miss says:

    It works perfectly. Thanks! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    not working for me

  5. Ro says:

    Não funcionou… :(

  6. James says:

    Works for a while, then patched by FV2.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dont work, ive tried several times

  8. Anonymous says:

    working 1000000% perfectly……..

  9. J.S. says:

    Works! Great find!

  10. JJ Louw says:

    works, but a lot of items bought now missing.

  11. steve says:

    those items were taken back by Zynga …. by the way great farmville 2 cheat guys

  12. great pretender says:

    your the man dude, its awesome, perfect

  13. Buddy says:




  14. An addict says:

    I love you, thanks so much!!!

  15. player says:

    awesome just got past the suspension for me thanks

  16. Anon says:

    Thank you so much, worked well and i can play again Love you guys

  17. robe says:

    is to open the chrome because I like to open up and programs that give notes and other items might take some …

  18. Geir says:

    Thank you for the bypass :) I want to tell you it also works when you have got Permenet Banned from Farmville 2 :)
    So if you are PERMANET BANNE you can still play and have FUN :)

  19. Nexus says:

    How to do it in Chrome?

  20. Kali says:

    Works!! Thank you so much !

  21. FlavorFlav says:

    Doesn’t work anymore, any ideas?

  22. sam says:

    it is working

  23. Anonymous says:

    it was working till yesterday,,, but today its not working…

  24. Dio says:

    You’re so right! I have the same problem. I hope they didn’t patch it :(

  25. Leetje says:

    Yesterday it was ok…but sins today it doesn’t work anymore :(

  26. Mona says:

    still not working :’(

  27. bosco says:

    need help,this no work now.have more idea again to do???

  28. Sola66 says:

    Sorry but it have stop working today 21.08.2013

  29. Amber says:

    This is working for me as of 22/8/2013

  30. Lynn West says:

    It is no working for me now 22/8/2013

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