farmville 2 cheats guide – get unlimited farmville 2 baby bottles water

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What this FarmVille 2 Cheats Cum Trainer does?

Players can utilize this FarmVille 2 Hack to immediately generate FarmVille 2 Water and power by tending well and Furnace.  In addition, players can also use this FarmVille 2 hack to complete FarmVille 2 Quests tasks which need to harvest well and Furnace for multiple times.

Simple Step by Step Instructions to attach and enable FarmVille 2 Cheats

Following are the simple steps to Attach and enable FarmVille 2 Cheat.

1. Open facebook in internet browser (Preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and log in with your account which you are using to play FarmVille 2

2. Double click on FarmVille 2 Trainer to launch it.

3. Now Start FarmVille 2 after you have started the trainer and wait till it game is loaded completely.

4. Now go back to trainer and choose process from the drop down depending upon your operating system and internet browser you are using. For eg. If you are using Google Chrome, choose chrome.exe from the drop down.


If somehow drop-down method does not work, players can attach the FarmVille 2 hack manually by providing Process ID (PID) manually in the field given below. Please check the method to identify PID in different Browsers.


5. Once the process is attached the button to ‘Continue’ will be enabled. Click on it to go to next frame.

6. Click on button next to “Enable Instant Well and Furnace Hack” to switch ‘On’ the FarmVille 2 hack for FarmVille 2 water and power.


a)  Please close all other tabs except FarmVille 2 Game while trying to attach FarmVille 2 Hack from Drop-down.

b) Please choose any one of the method for attachment and leave the other field blank. FarmVille 2 hack will not work if you provide information in both fields.

c)  Following are the Process description for various Internet Browsers which you need to select from the drop down


Steps to check process ID for Google Chrome

a)      Open ‘Task Manager’ in Google Chrome. Follow the process given in image below to open the ‘Task Manger’

FarmVille-2-cheats-chrome task manager

b)      In Task Manager, look for “Plug-in: Shockwave Flash” and note the process ID (PID) for it.

FarmVille-2-cheats-chrome PID

 Steps to Check Process ID for Mozilla Firefox (32-bit Windows)

a)      Go to Task manger of Windows, find ‘Plugin-Container.exe’ in processes and check Process ID allocated to ‘Plugin-Container.exe’.

FarmVille-2-cheats-Firefox PID

b)      To open Task Manager of Windows either Press three keys ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘Delete’ together. Alternatively, you can right click on task bar at the bottom and get option to open ‘task manager’

c)       It is very likely that when you open Windows Task Manger for first time you will not find any column of PID (Process ID). To activate ‘PID’ column, open View from menu of Task Manager and click ‘select Column’.

FarmVille-2-cheats-Firefox PID Selection

d)      Find ‘plugin-container.exe’ and note the PID of ‘plugin-container.exe’

FarmVille-2-cheats-Firefox end process


a)  We are here showing method to find out PID for Mozilla Firefox in windows 32-bit operating system. For windows 64-bit operating system follow the same method but look for FlashPlayerPlugin_11_X_XXX instead of plugin-container.exe

b) It is possible that you will find multiple instances of ‘plugin-container.exe’. Ensure to close all other tabs on Firefox. Most likely ‘plugin-container.exe’ having more CPU Usage is the one used by FarmVille 2. To confirm, right Click on other ‘plugin-container.exe’ and end the process. If FarmVille 2 is still running, note PID of running ‘plugin-container.exe’. Otherwise refresh game to check PID of ‘plugin-container.exe’ associated with FarmVille 2.

For any issues or concerns Email us at [email protected] or leave the comment below to get help

12 Responses to “farmville 2 cheats guide – get unlimited farmville 2 baby bottles water”

  1. Patty says:

    Noticed today that the well no longer works, the furnace seems to work but the wells do not work. Any suggestions /ideas on what is wrong could you post the way to work around it if there is some way to do that?
    thank you

  2. Jini wilson says:

    As of now well is not working because farmville 2 is doing some changes in it. We will release a news trainer once the changes are confirmed

  3. Annabel says:

    Still doesn’t work!!

  4. Jini wilson says:

    thanks for your feedback we are working on a update water is not working for all users with new gaming update we will post updates and hopefully updated trainer with a fix soon

  5. Naomi says:

    this does NOT work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Naomi Burmeister says:

    this does NOT work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tried it several times – was so excited…….

  7. admin says:

    tending of well is not working as farmville 2 studio has done some changes. we are working on the update and will release as soon as it is ready

  8. Stephanie says:

    I am not able to do the attach on firefox in full screen mode

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeah i installed it followed all the instructions and couldnt harvest my un happy right now :( lol

  10. admin says:

    very soon we are releasing free trainer for water, power and fuel

  11. Travis says:

    I’ve downloaded this but can not pull up attaching form in full screen. The ‘continue’ button is grayed out in regular screen. I’m using Firefox, have the plug-in and PID entered. So, how do I move the form into the full screen? Looking forward to this working. I am low level so don’t have the furnace yet, just wells. Thanks.

  12. admin says:

    please send mail to [email protected] for quick support

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