FarmVille 2 Cheats : FarmVille 2 Cheats 100% Working Farm Bucks Trainer with Video proof

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“Acquire/Expand your farm & buy all FarmVille 2 items with out using any farm bucks ever. Here are main features of this Awesome Trainer : )”

  • Acquire and expand your farm with out using any farm bucks ever
  • Acquire all plots for free including farms which otherwise cost you 100 farm bucks
  • Buy unlimited consumables including speed grow with coins which otherwise cost FarmVille 2 bucks
  • Have any item using coins like decorative items or any other items available in general store without ever using any farm bucks
  • See the attached video proof to see how it works in real time
  • 100% guarantee that it works as described or your money back
  • Once you buy get all the future updates for same trainer free

In FarmVille, players could earn FarmVille bucks by helping friends, where as in FarmVille 2 there is no way to earn FarmVille 2 bucks except buying them with real money. Many FarmVille 2 players asked us if there is any way to earn FarmVille 2 bucks. We tried to search that over the Internet and all we could find was an expired link of FarmVille 2 Freebie offering 3 Farm Bucks.

So we decided to built something which can give items which our users mostly need on their farms without using actual farmbucks. After lot of work and sleepless nights finally we are very pleased to announce that we bring you with very simple user interface easy to use trainer cum cheat for you which will help you to have everything you imagined to give your farm most beautiful look ever with all the items you can get from general store with out spending any farm bucks any more :  )

FarmVille 2 Cheats : FarmVille 2 Cheats Farm Buck Trainer

Alright are you excited yet :) so now you can have all this in just five minutes using this awesome trainer we bring it to you  :

  1. Acquire complete farm in no time including Farmlands, which costs 100 FarmVille bucks for expansion.
  2. Buy unlimited consumables including Speed-grow which costs FarmVille bucks
  3. Have any item using coins like decorative items or any other items available in general store without ever using any farm bucks


Here are some awesome beautiful farm some of our friends have created with in no time using our trainer cum cheat during testing and early trials




Let’s see the demo video of working cheat in action :) we promise you 5 Minutes and 27 Seconds is all you need to realize how easy it is to use this trainer and get everything on your farm for free and it’s so quick believe me it will not even take more than 5 minutes to acquire all farmlands on your farm to expand. So go on, give your Farm a beautiful theme and change it as often as you want and be the proud owner of your virtual farm  : )



We are sure that you all will agree after watching the video that It is really easy to use this trainer with friendly user interface same as playing FarmVille 2. :-) and create a beautiful farm in no time. Also we have kept the price very reasonable for limited time so that most of our users can take advantage of this trainer.


Free cheats gets patched very quickly as lot of people use them that’s the reason why we are not giving it for free so only very limited number of people can use it so there’s a high chance that we all can use this farmville 2 cheat for very long time. Last cheat we released still works fine and you can see users testimonials at the end of this para that it was great success for the same reason. Also it takes almost a month of very little sleep to create this cheat and then test them to make sure they work on all different computer OS systems. It has to be worth something. We can also guarantee you 100% that when you receive the cheat, it will be working as we test it every day.

You must have seen quite a lot of fake scam site on the internet and youtube right? So how will you know that what we are offering is not a scam? . That’s right. If you will notice, most of the hacks on the web only wants you to do surveys to download the cheat. Most of the time almost 99.9%, application is fake. Once you have done any survey, there is no way you can take it back and more often than not, your mobile account or credit card will be charged without even you knowing it. WE USE PAYPAL. Yes, since we guarantee you that our hack is working, we are using paypal instead of surveys or any other payment method. If you think you have been scammed then report us on paypal and ask for a refund. If you can prove that you have been scammed, our account will be disabled and money will be returned to you. That is the security that PAYPAL provides to you but you better not misuse it.

Also don’t take our words for it. Ask paypal about us. We have been selling trainers and bots for almost a year now and do not have a any complaint because of our trainers quality and 24/7 support in case any of our customer need if you are not sure ,call paypal before making your purchase and give then this email [email protected] to identify our account. You can also confirm this email at check out page to match and confirm if you are inquiring about right account. This will give you some peace of mind that you are dealing with a legit company which develops quality gaming trainers and bots

So we are giving you a straight deal with PAYPAL guarantee. The deals come with 24/7 technical support too to make sure you are able to utilize trainer fully to your advantage. On top of that we are giving you 100% ‘MONEY-BACK’ guarantee that it will work exactly as shown in video or your money-back no question asked in case cheat don’t work as described.


You have 10 full days to ask a refund so it comes to you with no risk of any scam as you can always ask for refund if cheat is not working as shown in the video and also report us to PAYPAL. We guarantee you that we are not a scam site but we would also like to protect ourselves from buyers who will use our cheat app and then still ask for a refund. To protect us from this kind of buyers, in order to get your refund you have to show acceptable proof that trainer don’t work as described and shown in demo video.

If you understand our terms and would like to get your hands on our farmville 2 Cheat app then click this link below. We will only distribute limited number of copies so hurry before we stop distributing

farmville 2 cheats

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351 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheats : FarmVille 2 Cheats 100% Working Farm Bucks Trainer with Video proof”

  1. indu says:

    Finally you guys again releases some thing worth while
    I have been waiting for ever could.’t wait to start using it : ) thanks guys

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! look awesome thanks!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks you works really great..

  4. jimmy says:

    Thanks guys works great

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you : )

  6. dumo says:

    *** Add me ***
    *** Add me ***
    *** Add me ***
    *** Add me ***

  7. diane readling says:

    I paid for this and now I can not find it and was wondering why I have not gotten an email where to get the program. Is this a scam?

  8. jini says:

    Please accept our apologies for delay because of backlog in orders. Your order is being delivered now.

  9. tracy says:

    thanks guys works great for expansion and buying items from general store. Does it work for quest items as well : )

  10. patty says:

    Thanks Guys my farm look awesome now !! as per your email when you are announcing your monthly contest and what are the prizes : )

  11. Jeffrey says:

    paid and not received the email.

  12. jini says:

    email was sent right after u placed the order Pl. check u’r spam folder let us know if you want to send it again thanks

  13. Topica Gina says:

    i just bought the cheat and im waiting to get it in mail. i hope this is not a scam.

  14. Topica Gina says:

    i got the cheat it’s only working for the expansion.. i try to buy an animal or tree but then i always get error… why ?

  15. jini says:

    We will be in better position to assist you If you could mail us the screen shot of error you are getting.
    Please check if you are using the right version of trainer :
    1. 64-bit trainer if you are using 64-bit operating System
    2. 32-bit trainer if you are using 32-bit Operating System

  16. Topica Gina says:

    It worked now ! thanks a lot !!

  17. Anonymous says:

    people do not buy it because if there really act chaets for online games than they are always free and you do not have to pay you have been warned I’ve seen it already in many online games found that there are cheats for it and never there have to pay so if there are cheats for remember that you never have to pay for it and I’ve had enough experience with it so this is just nonsense.I even asked these guys to send this cheat for free politely but they simply refused. No body pay for cheat so don’t pay they should give it for free

  18. Troy says:

    Works great guy’s thanks a lot so easy to use my farm looks
    Awesome now!

    What’s issue with anonymous dude you don’t like the site because
    It’s not in dutch common ..don’t trash if you have not even tried it works great for me and no add ware or hacked anything..

  19. jini says:

    Hi there, sorry if by selling this trainer at reasonable price we have offended you in any way : ) and also because if we are not able to give it for free to you.

    We have section and tutorials which explains how to use cheat engine yourself if you are tech savvy. Feel free to go thru those sections.

    We also have free cheat for water and craft energy which you can use and we will bring more as and when time allowed also if it make sense financially for us to do so

    To develop a user interface and make trainer or cheat simple to user for every body requires development efforts and to do so we have to pay to our code developers in that case it’s not financially viable for us to distribute it for free

  20. jini says:

    Good news for users who prefer to read these posts in their own language, we are working on making this site multilingual where you pick and set your default language of your choice..It will be launched very soon..thanks for all of you for your support it really make all our efforts worthwhile to keep this site clean and spam free

    If you have any concerns pl. feel free to email us at [email protected]

  21. Kristen Kochenderfer says:

    I paid, still not received email. I thought this was Instant???? Thanks

  22. jini says:

    Thanks for your patience your order was delivered in 20 min

    It’s not instant actually we wait for paypal payment confirmation and buyer instruction before sending you trainer ..based on number of orders it could take any where from 15 min to 2 hrs. You still can reach us any time thru support email

  23. promethe says:

    paid and not received the email.

  24. jini says:

    Please accept our apologies for delay. Your order is being delivered now.

  25. jini says:

    Dear Kai Lin,

    Please mail us your alternate mail ID for delivery of FV2 Trainer because our mails are bouncing back from mail ID you have provided currently.

  26. ajay says:

    how to download the app??????

  27. Anonymous says:

    By paying for it, I don’t mind paying if it does all this I will give it a try : ) I tried filling so many surveys but all were hoax I hope this will be for real ..

  28. jini says:

    It works exactly as described we have attached video proof and see users feedback for reference thanks

  29. tito says:

    scuzate ho ricevuta solo pa email di pagamento , come faccio a scaricare il programma ?

  30. tito says:

    hello, I made the full payment and I get to my email the conferma of pagamento but not now where to download the program, can you tell me?

farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

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