FarmVille 2 Cheat: Earn all “Village Grocer Order” Rewards in one day

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Many FarmVille 2 players are complaining that they could not get the second reward even after completing order of “Village Grocer”. For their information rewards are not for completing the ‘Grocer order’ but against ‘Grocer Points’. The ‘Grocer Points’ every next reward will be higher and will take weeks to collect all rewards.

To their relief, we have figured out a way to earn enough ‘Grocer Points’ to unlock and collect all ‘Village Grocer Awards’ in a single day. No you don’t have to download any FarmVille 2 Cheat or hack to do this. Each FarmVille 2 player can earn these rewards if they follow the instructions given under correctly.

The trick is very simple, Finish the order for today and earn the ‘Grocer Points’, but don’t let Mr. Cornelius collect order. How? As soon as Corny is in your Farm to collect order, refresh you Internet browser ;-). Sell the order items again, but this time you have to supply ‘ONE’ of each item only. I was supplying ‘ONE’ of two ‘Order Items’ only as third one need kitchen crafting, and able to collect 95 ‘Reward Points’ for completing the order ‘again’. Collect ‘Reward points’ and refresh the Internet browser again before Mr. Cornelius can collect he order.

Just keep repeating to collect ‘Grocer Points’ and redeem your ‘Grocer Points’ to collect all ‘Village Grocer Order’ rewards. It contains Set of Mosaic Decorative and Consumables like Fertilisers, Sugar, Bottle of Milk, Water and Speed-Grow.

Though it will take long to collect all reward points, but it is worth considering the complete set of Mosaic decorative including bonus prize which is ‘Mosaic Fountain’

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26 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheat: Earn all “Village Grocer Order” Rewards in one day”

  1. sammy says:

    Hats off to you guys

  2. ginger says:

    you can also sell products in your foodstand to get grocer points!!

  3. rex says:

    to earn points you have to sell only order items from market stand

  4. shembria says:

    Tried it all

  5. andy says:

    thanks for the tip guys …it worked for me

  6. angel says:

    IF you try this with third supply order you will get 140 points for 2 items

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to get water troughs please.

  8. Jacque says:

    How can I get more water troughs?

  9. Anonymous says:

    does this still work? I tried today but nothing happened.

  10. sush says:

    I guess now its not working

  11. Anonymous says:

    I tried it to and its not working

  12. Anonymous says:

    The instructions are too vague, can someone explain more?

  13. Buborek says:

    did not worked

  14. Lothar says:

    Z patched this glitch

  15. romi says:

    Lovely game, when i was bored, appeared groser orders (i had read these are different for everyone so no cheats), the holiday tree and the therometer to make it snow -.-

  16. carmen says:

    would be nice to know what the orders are going to be before I get them so I can be prepared.

  17. shekhar says:

    not working in firefox…plz help !!!

  18. chris says:

    this sucks takes to long not worth it

  19. Kenta says:

    you dont have to cheat to get money just do the normal smilpe way to get kc go to quizzy’s or spin the wheel of wow or play a game you like or do somthing else you can do without being band if you use cheats they can eaisally get banded off of webkinz world and not be able to get back on and i only know this becase I know a lot of people who have been banded off of WW.

  20. Shuhaibayyoob says:

    @TheOzoneLayerHatesMe Im glad it helped Ozone! you shud susbrcibe for when I make videos for skyrim! ill be definitely making more informatave videos and just videos taking a close look at the detail in skyrim!

  21. Kenji says:

    First of all you have to take in to consideration that the mtiaruty level may not be as it should. How is cheating on someone who cheated on you getting them back? You have to decide who you are, what your made of, and are you worth more than that, so instead of one cheater you now have 2 bravo! You only proved that you can cheat too the relationship is still doomed to fail. My advice get the hell away from a cheater dont become one

  22. ralph says:

    1091 e_deco_mosaic_flowerpot ——– Dendrophilia Bucolisticus
    1092 e_deco_mosaic_flowerpot ——– Elegant and robust mosaic square base offsets wild and crazy potted plant.
    1093 e_deco_mosaic_sculpture_chicken ——– Heavenly Henrietta
    1094 e_deco_mosaic_sculpture_chicken ——– A rare and stunning combination of ironic whimsy, critical theory, and backwoods animal worship.
    1095 e_deco_mosaic_table ——– Mosaic Patio Table
    1096 e_deco_mosaic_table ——– The perfect accent piece to add a splash of color to an otherwise green-brown monoscape.
    1097 e_deco_mosaic_flowerpot_round ——– Mosaic Crackellage
    1098 e_deco_mosaic_flowerpot_round ——– Pink mums in a fractured mosaic planter to sooth the nerves of fractured planter mums everywhere.
    1099 e_deco_mosaic_sign_farm ——– Mosaic Apple Sign
    1100 e_deco_mosaic_sign_farm ——– Tourists and land speculators alike love the artsy hand-crafted look of mosaic farm signs.
    1101 e_deco_mosaic_birdhouse_generic ——– Mosaic Birdhouse
    1102 e_deco_mosaic_birdhouse_generic ——– Note on bottom -
    1103 e_deco_mosaic_floor_chicken ——– Fowl in the Floor
    1104 e_deco_mosaic_floor_chicken ——– Handmade glazed tiles. Fire chicken motif. Equilateral prevents accidents an eye strain.
    1105 e_deco_mosaic_bench_generic ——– Mosaic Bench
    1106 e_deco_mosaic_bench_generic ——– One farmer”s trash is another farmer”s art project. Recycling taken to a whole new level. Hand wash only.
    1107 e_deco_mosaic_fountain_stepped ——– Mosaic Fountain
    1108 e_deco_mosaic_fountain_stepped

  23. ralph says:

    Aqua Mortis Fontain

  24. Anonymous says:

    it not work

  25. teo says:

    not working anymore

  26. sam says:

    well done

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