FarmVille 2 Farm Buck Trainer Guide

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 FarmVille 2 Farm Buck Trainer Guide


1.   You should have at least 1 Farm Buck in your FarmVille 2 Account to trigger the FarmVille 2 Trainer. Do not worry; your FarmVille 2 buck is safe.

2.    The trainer send to you is in compressed format, so you need to de-compress it before being able to use it. Kindly note, you should extract the files on your hard disk before using it.

You need to use Winrar application to extract the FarmVille 2 Trainer and start using it. If you don’t have Winrar application then you need to download it from links given below:

        a)      Download Winrar for 32-bit Windows

        b)      Download Winrar for 64-bit Windows

If you don’t know how to use winrar application then refer to this step by step guide to use it

Limitation: FarmVille 2 Buck trainer does not work MAC operating system. Alternatively FarmVille 2 players can install Windows Operating system on Virtual box for MAC to use this trainer.


  • Always start/launch FarmVille 2 Buck Trainer before starting FarmVille 2 on facebook.
  • DO NOT buy anything from General Store before you have successfully enabled FarmVille 2 Trainer
  • The generated Farm Bucks are temporary and will remain for a session. You have to enable the trainer every time you start farmville 2.

Procedure to enable Trainer in three easy steps:

Step 1 : Start the trainer

As soon as you will start FarmVille 2 trainer it prompts you with following message. Press ‘yes’


Step 2 – Start FV2 and click on ‘Full Screen’ mode after game is completely loaded  

Start FarmVille 2 after logging on to your facebook account and wait till game graphics are loaded completely. Put FarmVille 2 in ‘Full Screen’ mode through the button given within the game:


Step 3 : Press F6 (Hot Key) to enable the trainer

When game is fully loaded in full screen mode, press ‘F6’. Just after you press ‘F6’, you will see the following message regarding FarmVille 2 to remind you to buy something from General store which costs at least 1 Farm Buck like Feed to trigger the trainer


Once you click okay, it will show either of following messages:

If hack is enabled successfully you will see the below message and you are good to go. Just buy any item which costs at least 1 Farm Buck to trigger the trainer. We strongly suggest you only buy items, which costs 1 Farm Buck to avoid any losses in case trainer is not enabled.


If hack is NOT enabled correctly you will see the below message and you have to follow same procedure again. Please DO NOT buy anything which costs farm Bucks after having following message, because you certainly will lose money


If you are consistently failing to attach trainer with ‘Auto Mode’, you can also attach trainer manually by providing PID in the given field and click ‘Attach”. Following are the method to check processor ID (PID).

If somehow you are not able to attach process using Hotkey, This could happen if your system has allocated ‘F6’ to some other process. You can connect it manually. Again this is easy as all you have to identify is Process ID and put it in Field given for Process ID. Following are the procedures given to identify Process ID in case of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to check Process ID (PID) for chrome:

Open ‘Task Manager’ in Google Chrome. Follow the process given in image below to open the ‘Task Manger’ :


In Task Manager, look for “Plug-in: Shockwave Flash” and the process ID against it.


Punch the same process ID in the Field Given in FarmVille 2 Trainer and press ‘Attach’


You will get the following message and button to enable Cash Item hack will be enabled


Click ‘enable’ to enable cash Item hack.


There after the process is same as given after ‘Step 3′. Please make sure to buy any item from General Storeusing at least 1 farm Buck to generate 10000 Farm Bucks for a session.


How to find Process ID (PID) for Mozilla Firefox

Since Mozilla Firefox works with Task manger of Windows, you have to open Windows task manager to find ‘Plugin-Container.exe’ and check Process ID allocated to ‘Plugin-Container.exe’.

To open Task Manager of Windows either Press three keys ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘Delete’ together. Alternatively, you can right click on task bar at the bottom and get option to open ‘task manager’

FarmVIlle 2 Trainer for farm bucks

It is very likely that when you open Windows Task Manger for first time you will not find any column of PID (Process ID). To get column ‘PID’ column, open select Column from ‘View menu’ of Task Manger

farmville 2 trainer for farm bucks

You will get pop-up as given below. Find and check PID to add column of PID in your Task Manger

farmville 2 trainer for farm bucks

In case of Mozilla Firefox, it is also possible that you will find multiple instances of ‘plugin-container.exe’. To identify the one which is associated with farmville 2 game, Right click on ‘plugin-container.exe’ and click on end process? If it crashes FarmVille 2 game, this is the ‘plugin-container.exe’, which is linked with FarmVille 2.

farmville 2 trainer for farm bucks

Once process it identified, put process ID in FarmVille 2 trainer and click attach

farmville 2 trainer for farm bucks

There after the process is same as given after Step 3′. Please make sure to buy any item from General Store using at least 1 farm Buck to generate 10000 Farm Bucks for a session.

Warning : Don’t over use the trainer to protect your account, Also To make sure that trainer is undetectable and safe to use, please read following post and try these settings as a precaution so that you don’t have any issue with your account

Click here to visit post on How to protect your account

If you still have any issue and need further assistance then please mail at [email protected]

47 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Farm Buck Trainer Guide”

  1. Christelle says:

    Fantastic, it really does work. Yay soooooooo happy

  2. Shira says:

    This Farm buck trainer really works :D
    Thanks for your quick and good support with installing this on my pc !!

  3. Jini says:

    Check out the default location of download…or you can download it again and specify the location for download so you can find out after download

  4. Nick says:

    Just bought this trainer and it works 100% :D So happy :D Many thanks to the team that made this trainer. All of you rock! :D

  5. tommy says:

    Will there be updates in the near future? If there is, will it be free to upgrade?

  6. reighost says:

    gobsmacked that it actually works, was hoping i didn’t shell out $19 for nothing, happy as a lamb! XD

  7. mary h says:

    mine is not working

  8. Jini says:

    send email to support for help thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    how did you get it working ???

  10. Jini says:

    Please email to [email protected] for assistance. We have 24/7 online support to help you thank you

  11. sandra says:

    only got mine to work 1 time would like it if i could get it to work

  12. Diana says:

    It doesn’t work…

  13. Anonymous says:

    cant get it to work

  14. Kim says:

    OMG it works. On the 3rd go, i did it. F6 key wasn’t working. Had to manual enter the process Id and wala. it worked. thank you so much from a girl down under.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Any chance you could help me get mine to work? I bought it but it sure doesn’t exsplain how to start the trainer … Im not computer savy ….lol

  16. marie says:

    Was just wondering if you do trainers and bots for any other games?

  17. MARIE says:


  18. dechtre says:

    Just wondering…I was able to get it to work to expand and buy from store but when I am trying to build something, it won’t let me buy instead of asking friends for help. Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work for these items?

  19. lemaro says:

    @ drechte

    Same “problem” here…that’s to bad…was 1 of the reasons i got this hack

  20. jini says:

    Current trainer don’t support skipping bldg task as you can see in the video but we will be releasing upgraded trainer soon which allows skipping all bldg task and do much more like help you with quest etc. Pl. check our blog for regular updates in coming week thank you

  21. lemaro says:


    Thank you for the answer!
    That would be great…do we have to buy the hack again? or will our “old” hack be updated

  22. lemaro says:


    Thank you for the answer!
    That would be great…do we have to buy the hack again? or will our “old” hack be updated

  23. RENE25 says:


  24. Hdawg says:


    I am having problems getting the trainer/hack to attach to a PID and run. I have tried it several times and I get a message saying that it attached but then it appears to fail to load,

  25. Jenet says:

    Spent around $500 buying farm bucks! Didn’t know this was the solution! So very happy! Thank you!

  26. Patrick says:

    I have tried on Chrome, Firefox and Explorer and can’t get it to work. It said it was successful on Firefox once but when I tried to buy something it didn’t work. I also tried doing the PID and it failed also. Please help.

  27. admin says:

    please mail to support with error you are getting for quick response. Mail Id is given in the guide.

  28. scott says:

    THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. mary says:

    thank you so much for such an intelligent program. i love it!

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