Farmville 2 Barbara’s Bed and BreakFeast Quest Guide

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Festivities is already in the air, and to continue the mood of celebration FarmVille2 has introduced another timed quest “Barbara’s Bed and BreakFeast Quests” celebrating the harvest season so we can show gratitude to nature and our neighbors  by inviting them over for a Thanksgiving Feast.

Presenting quest details of FarmVille 2 “Barbara’s Bed & BreakFeast Quest” to help you complete the quest timely. FarmVille 2 “Barbara’s Bed & BreakFeast Quest” has 6 stages, so let’s check out each stage of “Barbara’s Bed & BreakFeast Quest”.

Stage 1 : Table for Four!

Quite easy to get through as all you need to do is visit three neighbors to do 15 helpful tasks and make 35 feed for the animals. I am sure everyone must have placed the Feast Table in their FarmVille 2 Farms by now

Reward: 35 XP and 700 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage 2: Preserving Tradition!

Pickled Cauliflower is a must-have in this harvest Feast. Overall this part of the quest is also easy but the catch is if you are below level 7 you cannot finish this stage as Cauliflower is locked till level 6. It takes 6 hours to grow, if you FarmVille 2 neighbors you can invite them as farmhand to finish this stage early.

Apart from growing 40 Cauliflower you need to feed 5 chickens and craft 2 ‘Pickled Cauliflower’ in Farmville2 kitchen. Each Pickled Cauliflower requires 2 Salt which you can ‘Ask’ from your FarmVille2 Friends or can buy it with FarmVille 2 bucks

You will get a reward of 35 XP and 700 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage 3: RSVP’s Please!

By this stage you must finish building FarmVille2 Feast Table.If not you can go through our Guide to build FarmVille2 Feast table fast by clicking here. You need to collect 5 Blur Ribbons which you can, by requesting your FarmVille2 Friends. You also need to prepare 4 Tomato soups.


After completion of this stage you will get a reward of 35 XP and 700 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage 4: Deep Roots!

Not a big deal, All you have to do is harvest 5 Apple Trees, 5 Lemon Trees and 5 Olive Trees. Since Lemon Tree and Olive Tree takes 12 hour to produce fruits, total hours for this stage depends on number of trees you have.

After completion of this stage you will get a reward of 35 XP and 700 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage 5: Nibbles N’ Dribbles

 This is certainly a time taking stage, as you need to grow 40 strawberries which takes 24 hours to grow fully. We have covered a guide to Grow crops instantly with support of your FarmVIlle2 Farmhands, you can read it by clicking here.

Other then harvesting 40 Strawberries, you need to craft 8 Lemonades in FarmVIlle2 Kitchen and collect 5 ice buckets which of course you can ‘Ask’ from your FarmVille2 Friends.

After completion of this stage you will get a reward of 35 XP and 700 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage 6: Horn of Plenty

This is the final stage of “Barbara’s Bed & BreakFeast Quest” and of course toughest one, not because of its requirement but because it is very time taking. To finish this you must have five feasts however, after hosting your feast; you will have to wait for another 18 hours before starting another one even if you have enough friends.

Apart from this you need to grow 40 Cauliflowers and craft 4 Pickled Cauliflower, I wonder if FarmVille2 could have made it more challenging to make it interesting.

You will also recieve a bonus commemorative cornucopia after hosting the 5th feast…I certainly love this new feature on Farmville 2 and looking forward to more during the coming holiday season

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