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Hey Mates.

Are you keen to clean your farmville 2 animals? It sounds very interesting to me and wondering how it would feel to clean the animals in real farm. Well I do not know when can I experience that but to have virtual experience, zynga has launched farmville 2 animal wash this summer. School’s out and it’s the perfect time to host farmville 2 Animal Wash and teach the kids about animal care! It is going to be fun to have farmville 2 animal wash this summer. Players need to build farmville 2 animal wash and host the animal farms on their farms. The friends visiting your farms to help in farmville 2 animal wash will leave behind some wash tags for you to collect. Collecting these wash tags will help you win a baby Grulla Icelandic Horse.

I am sure everyone must be happy to have the soapy fun. ! Even stubborn goats end up enjoying the soapy pleasures of the farmville 2 Animal Wash! And certainly you will need more towel lines to dry stack of wet towels next to farmville 2 animal wash. Well that’s something which you need to collect in quest going to release with farmville 2 Animal wash.

Below is cheat code for farmville 2 animal wash

farmville 2 animal wash cheat code

Scan for: e_deco_bugzapper_generic (bug zapper)
change to: e_building_pz_animalwash

Farmville 2 cheat code to remove under construction farmville 2 animal wash

scan for: e_building_pz_animalwash_construction

Change to: e_demolish_pz_animalwash_construction

Players need to collect following items to build farmville 2 animal wash

farmville 2 animal wash building requirement

Here are the farmville 2 cheats for these building materials

Farmville 2 cheats for animal wash door

farmville 2 cheats for animal wash door

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_blackberry_cream (Blackberry Cream Cake)

Change to: e_rare_buildable_pz_animalwash_part1

Farmville 2 cheats for animal wash trough

farmville 2 cheat for animal wash trough

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_blackberry_cream

Change to: e_rare_buildable_pz_animalwash_part2

Farmville 2 cheats for green hose

farmville 2 cheat code for green hose

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_blackberry_cream

change to: e_rare_buildable_pz_animalwash_part3

Once your farmville 2 animal wash is ready you are all set to invite your friends for animal wash. They will leave wash tags which can be later redeemed for decorations and a baby Grulla Icelandic Horse

farmville 2 cheat for wash tags

farmville 2 cheats for wash tags

scan for: e_rare_tree_orange_heirloom (Heirloom Orange)
change to: e_rare_ticket_pz_animalwash

farmville 2 cheats for baby Grulla Icelandic Horse

farmville 2 animal - grulla icelandic horse

scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_blackberry_cream (Blackberry Cream Cake)
change to: e_animal_baby_horse_icelandic_grulla

farmville 2 cheat code for Adult Grulla Icelandic Horse

farmville 2 cheat
scan for: e_deco_animated_newyear_fwork1_purple (Mysterio Firework Rocket)
change to: e_animal_adult_horse_icelandic_grulla

farmville 2 cheats for Ivy Patch

farmville 2 cheats for decoration

scan for: e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo)
change to: e_deco_patch_ivy_variegated

cheat codes for farmville 2 Paw print pavers

farmville 2 cheat code for Paw Print Pavers

scan for: e_deco_butterchurn_wood (Antique Butter Churn)
change to: e_deco_pavers_print_paw

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