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farmville 2 Alpine Party Quest – farmville 2 cheatsWith release of winter cream separator in coming week, zynga is also introducing a new farmville 2 alpine party quest. Click here to know more about farmville 2 winter cream separator. This will be a timed quest and will have 8 mission. Following is the pre release text guide of alpine party Quest. At the end of post we have farmville 2 cheats of items required to collect for completion of alpine party Quest mission.

alpine party Quest mission 1:  Winter Cream is Coming

  •  Place a Winter Cream Separator on your Farm
  •  Feed 8 Cows and Goats for milk
  •  Water any 8 Crops

alpine party Quest mission 2: Get this Alpine Party Started

  • Collect 5 Swiss Serving Sets (Post to Game Feed)
  • Make 1 Winter Emmental Cheese (Craft in the Kitchen)
  • Harvest your Furnace

alpine party Quest mission 3:  Missing Recipe!

  • Check around your Neighbors’ Farms 10 times
  • Harvest any 4 Trees or Heirloom Trees
  • Make 2 Winter Spaetzle

alpine party Quest mission 4:  Why Did It Have to be Goats?

  • Collect 5 Torn Recipe Book Pages (Post to Game Feed)
  • Make 4 Leather Journals (Craft in the Workshop)
  • Feed 3 Adult Goats

alpine party Quest mission 5:  With Any Luck

  • Plant 12 Onions
  • Harvest 4 Olive or Heirloom Olive Trees
  • Make 3 Glass Good Luck Charms (Craft in the Workshop)

alpine party Quest mission 6:  A Taste Like I Remember

  • Tend your Cow Shed 2 times
  • Harvest 16 Wheat
  • Make 4 Blueberry Tarts, or any kind of Tart (Craft in the Kitchen)

alpine party Quest mission 7:  The Secret Ingredient

  • Collect 5 Barbara’s Secret Ingredients (Post to Game Feed)
  • Make 1 Porcelain Mug (Craft in the Crafting Kiln)
  • Harvest any 12 Trees or Heirloom Trees

alpine party Quest mission 8:  Clean Sweep

  • Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times
  • Use 4 Farmhands
  • Make 3 bars of Plain Soap or Heirloom Plain Soap (Craft in the Kitchen)

following are farmville 2 cheats for material required to complete Alpine Party Quest

farmville 2 cheats for Swiss Serving Sets

farmville 2 cheats for Swiss Serving Sets

scan for: e_deco_axeinstump_generic(Chopping Block)

change to: e_viral_servingset_alpine

farmville 2 cheats for Torn Recipe Book Pages

farmville 2 cheats for Torn Recipe Book Pages

scan for: e_rare_crafted_cookies_sunflower

change to: e_viral_questing_book_pages_torn

farmville 2 cheats for Barbara’s Secret Ingredients 

farmville 2 cheats for Barbara’s Secret Ingredients

scan for: e_deco_fence_base_horsestorage_crosssaddle

change to: e_viral_questing_ingredient_barbara_secret

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