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Farmville 2 free items: free farmville 2 fuel

farmville 2 free items: farmville 2 clubhouse

Collect another set of farmville 2 free items and get the latest farmville 2 update. This time in farmville 2 free items, it is 20 units of free farmville 2 fuel. So while you collect farmville 2 free items, also get the update regarding farmville 2 clubhouse. Farmville 2 clubhouse is the upcoming farmville 2 update, which is going to be released this week. (more…)


farmville 2 sheep nursery – farmville 2 cheats

farmville 2 sheep nursery – farmville 2 cheatsHey Mates, After Goat nursery and Rabbit Nursery, very soon zynga is going to introduce Farmville 2 sheep nursery in out farms. Concept of Farmville 2 sheep nursery is all of same as of goat and rabbit nursery.  You can train your sheep with different personalities and abilities in Farmville 2 sheep nursery. In farmville 2 sheep nursery, sheep can be trainer with rambunctious, relaxed and rebellious personalities. And as always my personal favorite is rebellious personality. As far as abilities are concern, players can train these sheep for fertilizer, appetite or wool production. Following are cheat codes for farmville 2 sheep nursery and items required to complete this building.


farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

FarmVille 2 Chicken Coop Upgrade

Hey Mates,

It seems now Zynga is working on upgrading the buildings of FarmVille 2. After release of FarmVille 2 Shady Trough Extension last month, Very soon players will have change to upgrade their FarmVille 2 Chicken Coop and double the storage of FarmVille 2 Chicken Coop.  Currently Players can store up to 9 Prized Chicken in their FarmVille 2 Chicken Coop, which actually is not sufficient. But after release of FarmVille 2 Chicken Coop upgrade players can store up to 18 Prized Chicken in their FarmVille 2 Chicken Coop. Finally FarmVille 2 Studio has understood the demand of players that there is not enough storage space for FarmVille 2 animals.


Crush The Candy Guide

Writers Wanted for Farmville 2 Cheats Fansite .. Get Farmviile 2 free farmbucks

writerwanted copyHey Farmers,

We want to make our farmville 2 cheats fansite more interesting and filled diverse unique contents. Basic idea is if we increase the website with lot more Tips/Tricks, gaming updates/News, Guides, quest and Community features on top of the huge amount of interesting content, video and cheats we are already bringing and providing to our users then we can most definitely make this site much more interesting to all our fans and community.

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FarmVille 2 Guides: Exclusive Look of Crafting Kiln



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