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farmville 2 scottish highland – farmville 2 update

farmville 2 scottish highlandHey Mates, farmville 2 was supposed to release frozen goods Shanty this week but because of few constraints it is postponed by a week. Now this new building frozen goods shanty will be released on 4th February 2014. Just before release of frozen goods shanty, Zynga will release another limited edition theme farmville 2 Scottish highland on 3 February. (more…)


farmville 2 cheats – Valentines 2014 farmville 2 cheats

farmville 2 cheats - valentines 2014Hey Mates, an in our previous post we informed that next farmville 2 update is going to be Valentines theme for limited edition items. farmville 2 is starting to pick up on the Valentine vibe! It is a long standing tradition in farmville to get together with friends on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with new content, available for a limited time as Valentine 2014 is going to be the next theme. Limited Edition items of Farmville 2 valentine 2014 are going to release on 27 January 2014. We will shortly provide you updates of quest and new building of farmville 2. Following are farmville 2 cheats for limited edition items going to release in coming farmville 2 update.


farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

farmville 2 free items – 35 farmville 2 water

farmville 2 free items - free farmville 2 waterHey mates,

Today we are going to have lunar lantern stand in our farms. We have already posted the details and farmville 2 cheats for lunar lantern stand. Please click here if you wish to check details of farmville 2 lunar lantern stand. You will also have change to get floating lunar lanterns for your farm. (more…)

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farmville 2 expansions – farmville 2 freebies

farmville 2 expansionsHey mates, expansions of northern forest in farmville 2 are available for early access. New farmville 2 expansions are available for your farms now. Be the first to expand to the northern forest. It looks like the forest to the northern would be a great addition to our farms. But as of now these farmville 2 expansions are not available for farmville 2 coins. Gus can help you to access these farmville 2 expansions with 100 farm bucks for each expansion. (more…)


Happy Lunar New Year Quest guide – farmville 2 cheats

Happy Lunar New Year Quest guide – farmville 2 cheatsHey mates, zynga is releasing Lunar New Year Lantern festival next week. To prepare lanterns, players must build farmville 2 Lunar Lantern Stand first. We have already posted details of farmville 2 lunar lantern stand in our previous post. You can check the details by clicking here. Zynga is also releasing happy lunar New Year quest with this. We are providing the pre release text guide of happy lunar New Year quest. We are also providing farmville 2 cheats for items require completing this quest. You can find these farmville 2 cheat at the end of post. Will you join Gus for a Lunar New Year celebration?


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