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FarmVille2 Turkey Calls Quest Guide

Thanksgiving is near and Farmville 2 welcomes it with ‘Turkey Calls’ quest. This is the extended quest of ‘The Little Rebel Turkey’ and has six missions in the quest. This FarmVIlle2 Quest is also timed and expected to finish by 26 of November 2012.

Here below we are providing requirement of each mission to help you complete the FarmVille2 ‘Turkey Calls’ Quest Fast



FarmVille2 Little Rebel Turkey Guide

This is timed quest and your mission is to raise ‘The Little Rebel Turkey’. You need to convince this ‘Little Rebel Turkey’ to make your farm its home.


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Farmville 2 – Shady Trough Guide

Hey Farmville 2 Farmers!

Do you want some more room for Animals on your farm? If so, the new Shady Trough is right here for you! This new and improved trough will surely increase your Animal population cap by 10 instead of the regular by 5.

If you are at level 5 or above right now , you are going to see the following pop-up upon entering FarmVille 2.



Clicking on “Place Shady Trough” will give you the ability to place the Shady Trough Frame on your Farm. If you do not wish to use the Shady Trough then simply click the “Cancel” button and the frame will be sent to your inventory to use it later on.

Just like the regular trough, the Shady Trough needs to be built before you can enjoy an increased animal capacity it can bring to your farm. Continue Reading ..

Crush The Candy Guide

FarmVille2 Freebies – Free 10 X Water

In FarmVille2, You cannot run a farm without water, which is why we are offering a Free utility to generate water instantly which you can get by clicking here. Link to get 10 FREE Water is given below, be sure to Share this post so your friends can collect some too!



FarmVille2 Tips : Get 24-Hour Crop grow in minutes

We players are aware that in FarmVille2, our neighbors are our farmhands, just like Marie. You can produce tons of 24-hour crops in minutes with the help of your Farmhands. This is what we are going to explain in this article – How To get the maximum benefit of your FarmVille 2 neighbors.

But first we should understand how Crops and Farmhand works in FarmVille2. After deciding what we want to grow in cropland, we need 3 ingredients to get the FarmVille2 Crops fully grown in minutes: Water, Fertilizers and Speed Grow. If we provide all three to a cropland in a minute, the crop will grow to it’s full. Collection of water and fertilizers are not an issue as water gets regenerated @ 1 unit every 2 min 30 sec and if you have wells you can get extra 10 units every 4-hour. Though we cannot regenerate fertilizer, but animals in your farms which produce fertilizers, you will have enough of fertilizer to use at cropland. Players can also send fertilizers as daily gift to their FarmVille2 Neighbors. Speed-Grow is one of the consumable for which player has to spend FarmVille2 Bucks, which costs you real money. Well actually not the only way and this is where Your FarmVille2 Neighbors comes into picture.


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